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Japanese style

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Fill your home with graceful and elegant Japanese style products

small place mat
in Japanese style

Japanese NOREN
Noren are decorative silk-screened curtains used for centuries by the Japanese as door curtains,

Gift wrapping
in Japanese style (Amazon)

Furoshiki is traditional Japanese wrapping clothe that is used to protect and carry things.

Japanese lacquerware(Amazon)
icon Kotatsu( icon
KOTATSU is small table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt

multitiered box(Japanese lacquerware)
Yamada Heiando received an entitlement as a purveyor to the Imperial household in Japan

candle "Sakura"
candle "ZEN"
【送料無料】【同梱OK】ノリタケ あやみなも(冬)/雪見銀彩酒器揃
NORITAKE dining ware
Noritake Ayaminamo

wood partition


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