Omiyage Japan specializes in a variety of unique Japanese products. I'm sure you'll enjoy my special selections for Japanese souvenirs.
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What is "Omiyage"?
authentic products
unique products
Japanese style
・things yummy
・things Kawaii

special book stand

card game Sushi Bar

pocky shock
Pocky Shock is the fun party snack game from MegaHouse -- a pack of Pocky that you can play with in this fun "Russian Roulette" type game!

overseas shipping service
The following product lines may be shipped to international addresses
Dragon Quest Monsters Petit Figure Collection Cell Phone Strap

Kanji Symbol Seal
Japanese ANIME & MANGA art books
Japanese comic calendar 2007

Sanrio Gothic Lokita Kitty
Japan Area-limited Hello Kitty
a Japanese Cell Phone Strap Charms& Accessory Superstore

Gothic Lolita Bible
The 100+ page magazine includes fashion tips, photos, sewing patterns, catalog descriptions, decorating ideas, and even recipes.

Iga ninjya shop
Japanese text

"No overseas shipping service ? "
Please check this shipping service below.
international shipping of your items from Japan to you
(with insurance)
"Collect shipping"of all your items sent by multiple senders in Japan

You can try Global shipping service

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl :New Pokemon small figure etc.

Ukiyoe fridge magnet calendar
Japanese calendar
-my list for souvenirs-

Official Sanrio Hello Kitty Jewelry
*Please allow us about 2-3 weeks before shipping becuase it is BTO.

Visit Japan Campaign
(VJC official Web site)

( e.g. Hillary Rodham Clinton)


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